Adventure Club

Adventure Club

— Systematic theology for children's midweek learning. — 

Generations of Grace

Generations of Grace

— Bible narrative for children's Sunday/home school. — 

  • Teaching the Teachers

    Teacher-driven and designed to equip the ministry leader to effectively communicate God's Word to young minds.

  • Faithful to Scripture

    We use powerful Bible narrative and theologically profound lessons that educate kids through the teachers who are entrusted with the charge to shepherd and evangelize the youth.

  • Trusted Publisher

    Grace Curriculum is a ministry and department of Grace Community Church of Sun Valley, CA that provides biblically uncompromising resources for the Church worldwide.

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Adventure Club

Adventure Club

— Systematic theology for children's midweek learning. — 


The Bible and the Trinity

This year of AC curriculum teaches about the function and power of each member of the Trinity.

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Man, Sin, and Salvation

This year of AC curriculum teaches about the nature of man, the nature of sin, and the truth about salvation.

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Angels, the Church, and the End Times

This year of AC curriculum teaches about angels, the function of the church, the necessity of the Bible, and the truth about the end times.

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Adventure Club


AC pins, satchels, and name tags are an integral part of the program. The accessories help create an unified atmosphere to help create the club feel and act as rewards to encourage Bible memorization.

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  • "The in-depth teaching of Generations of Grace and Adventure Club really grow the children in their own faith to understand and act upon the truths that they're learning."

    Ulysses Galvez, Lead Pastor

  • "As a whole it has helped our church in teaching the children and being able to help them have a systematic understanding of the Bible. The parents have been very receptive of Adventure Club, they know what their children are learning, and they can also help teach them at home in systematic theology."

    Travis Snodgrass, Children's Pastor

  • "Prior to Adventure Club we were using Awana, which we had done for 20 years. We realized that the fruit it was producing was not what was needed with our children, so we switched over to Adventure Club primarily for the doctrinal truths and the ease of implementing it with the church family."

    Brady West, Family Life Pastor

  • "We switched curriculum from Awana to Adventure Club because of the depth of clarity that we get for our teachers, for the reliability and the long term sustainability of the doctrinal and theological teaching that we know that we are going to get from Adventure Club."

    David Corrente, Pastor

  • "Parents have appreciated that their kids are learning about the depths of who God is, not just maybe little parts of biblical stories of who God is. They're learning the depths of God's character and attributes and the love for His Church."

    Shane Dilisi, Family Pastor

  • "We are a church that wants to see discipleship happen. Using the teachers' books has given a good platform to disciple our teachers, our leaders, and having them then train up the kids to know Christ and become like Christ."

    Alex Crane, Children's Ministry Director

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What makes Adventure Club different?

AC focuses on the understanding of the Bible for the children, not just the amount of memorization. By using systematic theology the teachers and children have a more in-depth learning experience as they go through the three years of curriculum.

How does it compare to other midweek programs?

AC prioritizes the understanding of the verses as well as memorization. This way a child leaves Adventure Club with the Word memorized and an understanding of what it means.

How hard is it to switch to Adventure Club?

It's easy to switch to Adventure Club because the curriculum provides a structure for teachers to follow and adapt to their current midweek program as they switch. Our customer service team is available to help you in the process of switching to AC and are trained to help guide you in your unique circumstances.

What does "teaching teachers how to teach" mean?

Many other programs give scripts for the teachers, but AC does not. We prioritize creating a curriculum that gives the teachers resources to better their skills in the classroom. Each lesson includes commentary and a lesson preparation page that lead the teacher through deeply understanding the topic so they can teach it to the children under their care. These commentaries and step-by-step processes aid the volunteers in preparing the lessons while also helping them further their relationship with Christ which enables them to teach systematic theology to the next generation.

How cost effective is it to run Adventure Club?

Most churches have found that AC is more cost effective than other midweek programs because of the high-quality products and their durability. Additionally, we offer an annual ministry membership that provides a 25% discount on all Grace Curriculum materials.

Generations of Grace

Generations of Grace

— Bible narrative for children's Sunday/home school. — 


Sunday School Program

Generations of Grace helps Sunday School teachers and parents lead kids through the narrative of Scripture, from Genesis through Revelation, outlining God’s redemptive plan.

Every week, children in each age range learn from the same passage of Scripture in a way that is appropriate for their respective age levels. A unified curriculum enables families to discuss one passage together each week, reinforcing the lesson children have learned in Sunday School.

Each year the curriculum covers a different part of Scripture. Over the nine-year period a child spends, Generations of Grace will lead that child through God’s redemptive plan three times, each at a deeper level.

Sunday School

Year 1

This year teaches through the narrative of Genesis to Numbers and includes five lessons for Christmas and four lessons for Resurrection Sunday.

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Sunday School

Year 2

This year teaches through the narrative of Deuteronomy to Nehemiah and includes three lessons for Christmas and three lessons for Resurrection Sunday.

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Sunday School

Year 3

This year teaches through the lessons from the Life of Christ, the Book of Acts, and Revelation. It also includes two lessons for Christmas and two lessons for Resurrection Sunday.

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