Comprehensive Sunday School Curriculum

The Generations of Grace Sunday school curriculum teaches God's redemptive plan through Bible narrative.

The Beginning

More than 20 years ago the children’s ministry leaders and elders at Grace Community Church had a goal to create a God-centered children’s curriculum. This was born out of a collective desire to see God exalted to His rightful place as the Hero of every Bible story. Sadly, many curriculums we encountered were man-focused, story driven, or lacking biblical content.

Nine Year Cycle

Generations of Grace (GOG) is a three-year program for children from preschool through sixth grade. The program teaches the same curriculum to the different age groups, progressively getting more in-depth as the student matures. It is our goal to reinforce and expound upon the Scriptures more fully as the student develops in age. Our curriculum is designed to be reused for years, with the teachers providing an age-appropriate lesson for each lesson in the curriculum. Provided are different approaches to each lesson in the teacher book based on the age of the student.

Encouraging Biblical Teaching in the Home

GOG is not just for children's ministry, but the whole family. While our curriculum contains activities for Sunday school, the program can easily be adapted for use in homeschooling, personal use, or as an entire family.

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Generations of Grace

Teacher Books

Each year contains three teacher books which are designed to equip the teachers to teach each passage of Scripture clearly and effectively. The teacher is provided a complete commentary on the lesson for best understanding and teaching tools to aid in presenting the material properly to the each age group. Each year goes chronologically through the Bible and includes lessons for Christmas and Easter.

Year 1: Genesis through Numbers

Year 2: Deuteronomy through Nehemiah

Year 3: The Life of Christ, Acts, and Revelation

Generations of Grace

Craft Books

The craft books help to reinforce the lesson through hands-on learning. The books contain the crafts that are explained in the teacher books, and are meant to be cut out from the book (or photocopied or printed from the PDF within the bounds of the copyright laws and license).

Generations of Grace

Activity Books

The activity book provides age-appropriate activities corresponding to each lesson. The activities include dot-to-dot, tracing, mazes, crossword puzzles, word searches, decoding, and other activities for the older students. Each activity also includes key truths from the lesson.

Generations of Grace

Coloring Books

The coloring book includes two pictures from each lesson to help make the story more fun for the students. Each picture has a key truth from the lesson, so that the students are reminded of this as they color.

Generations of Grace

Family Devotional Books

The Family Devotionals are structured for use during the week within the home. It includes extra questions that are helpful for family discussion to encourage meditation on the passage throughout the week. The books provide five daily devotionals that correspond with each lesson in the Teacher Book. It was created to make children’s ministry what children’s ministry should be—a way to equip and encourage parents to fulfill their duty to train up their children in the Lord. Each daily devotional indicates the portion of the passage to be read, provides concise insights into the passage, and suggests questions and discussion ideas, some simple for young children and others requiring a lot of thought for older children and adults. It also includes pictures illustrating the lesson.

A robust program designed to be run in church or at home.

Need help? We'll provide resources and recommendations based on your specific situation.

Support videos for each Generations of Grace lesson.

We have carefully produced instructional videos for each lesson to guide you during your lesson preparation. All videos are available for free on the Grace Media App.

Teaching Tips: A comprehensive overview of each lesson including illustration demonstrations.

Moments of Truth: Fun videos designed to get kids excited about their next lesson and highlights the central truth of each lesson.

Video Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Generations of Grace Sunday School curriculum unique?

The Generations of Grace Sunday school curriculum is a God-centered curriculum that teaches the whole counsel of God’s Word in a way that ensures that every child, no matter their age, learns the same lesson each week in a way that is appropriate for their age level. We call this a unified curriculum. Our Sunday school curriculum is also highly affordable and flexible enough to be used in multiple settings.

What setting is this curriculum used in?

The Generations of Grace Sunday school curriculum is used in a variety of settings: Sunday schools, Junior church, Vacation Bible Schools, missions trips, nurseries, home-schooling, and special ministries.

Why does Generations of Grace not include 52 lessons per year?

The Generations of Grace Sunday school curriculum is designed to allow for breaks for both the students and teachers. There is no scheduled time for this break and it is up to your ministry's needs.

How long has the curriculum existed?

The first edition was completed in 2005. After years of use and feedback the current second edition was finished in 2015.

What Bible version is used?

The second edition uses the English Standard Version (ESV).

Do I have to be in a large church in order to use this curriculum effectively?

No. Our Sunday school curriculum is being used by churches of all sizes as there is no minimum size for our program. Everything needed for each lesson, aside from normal classroom supplies, is included in each lesson.

Do I need any additional resources?

No. Everything you need, apart from normal classroom supplies, is included in the curriculum. 

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How do I access my digital annual licenses?

Once purchased you will receive an order confirmation email which will include a link to download them and print in compliance with US copyright law. Reminder this license is only good for one year. Read details here.

Is the curriculum offered in any additional languages?

Yes, it is offered in Spanish in a digital format for all three years. 

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How long does my digital annual license last?

Your licenses last for one year and need to be repurchased each year. This is because of US copyright law, read details here.

What are the doctrinal beliefs of Grace Curriculum?

For the Grace Curriculum Doctrinal Statement, click here.

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