We exist to edify and support teachers by equipping them with the resources needed to teach the gospel to children everywhere.

Our Mission

  • Evangelizing Students

    Providing students with the redemptive story and essential doctrine of the Bible.

  • Encouraging Parents

    Uniting families around the Word of God.

  • Edifying Servants

    Helping parents and teachers accurately and effectively convey biblical truth.

Faithful Curriculum

We are committed to building on a solid biblical foundation for all curriculum we produce. That's why our Adventure Club curriculum lessons are adapted from the book Biblical Doctrine by John MacArthur and Richard Mayhue. Our curriculum covers the same nine essential topics, but brings deep theological concepts down to a basic understanding that is edifying for teachers and easy for children to understand.

Equipping Teachers

In partnership with Grace Media, we've produced lesson-by-lesson teaching videos and fun videos for kids as a resource to help you teach our curriculum more effectively to your students.

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Our Curriculum

Midweek Program

Adventure Club is designed for kids from three to twelve years old and is set up as a unified curriculum, where all members of a family receive the same weekly lesson. This simplifies the responsibilities of the parents, enabling them to engage with all their children on the same central truth, memory verse, and theological application.

Program Overview

Sunday School

Generations of Grace helps Sunday School teachers and parents lead kids through the narrative of Scripture, from Genesis through Revelation, outlining God’s redemptive plan.

Program Overview
  • Biblically Uncompromising

    We are committed to the true meaning of Scripture as we produce resources that ensure proper application to all generations.

  • High Quality

    From the quality of the paper in our books to the carefully crafted stories and character designs in our midweek program, we are dedicated to providing your children's ministry with the highest quality material and experience.

  • Affordable

    The Church and Ministry Annual Membership Program is an auto-renewing plan that grants members the best value for our curriculum products. With the membership, you receive 25% off all curriculum material or merchandise purchased on our website.

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Biblically Sound Theology

The goal of all the resources we offer is to strengthen, instruct, edify, and encourage the Church. Our desire is to glorify Christ and advance the Gospel through the world by disseminating Scripture's teachings, values, and practices through children's curriculum. We strive to magnify the Lord properly by portraying His character, as seen in the pages of Scripture. With various aspects of theology continually under attack, we have a constant need to uphold theological clarity.

Ministry Partners

  • Grace Media has partnered to produce supplemental teaching videos for our curriculum.

  • We work with graduates and faculty of The Masters Seminary to produce curriculum with the utmost care and theological accuracy.

  • Grace Curriculum is a ministry department of Grace Community Church, located in Sun Valley, CA.

  • We partner with TMAI to help our curriculum reach churches all across the world.

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