Adventure Club exists to glorify God through evangelizing children.

Our children’s ministry program is focused on Bible memorization and teaching children the truth of God’s Word in a fun, meaningful way.

Unified Midweek Curriculum

Adventure Club is designed for kids aged three to twelve and is set up as a unified curriculum, where all members of a family receive the same weekly lesson. The unified nature enables parents to engage with all their children on the same central truth, memory verse, and theological application.

Helping Teachers Internalize the Truth

The Adventure Club curriculum differs from others used in children's ministry in that it does not provide pre-written lessons for teachers to recite. The Teacher Books provides a comprehensive commentary on the lesson, intended to provide deeper understanding and equip the teacher to effectively convey the message to the children.

Encourages Biblical Discussion in the Home

The unified curriculum is designed to help parents be engaged in their children's learning of biblical truth. The Kids Books are designed to be used by both parent and child to continue their learning throughout the week.

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Fun Stories & Characters

The Adventure Club kids will follow six-character guides: Blaze and Amelia in Trailblazers, Scout and Sally in Scouts, and Tracker and Lucy in Trackers. Through activities and an adventure story, they will learn to work together while learning lessons along the way!

Nine-Year Cycle

Adventure Club kids will journey through nine points of systematic theology in three years. They will cycle back through the material in each new age group, being reintroduced to the same lessons at a deeper level than before.


The Bible and the Trinity

This year of AC curriculum teaches about the bible, in addition to the function and power of each member of the Trinity.

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Man, Sin, and Salvation

This year of AC curriculum teaches about the nature of man, the nature of sin, and the truth about salvation.

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Angels, the Church, and the End Times

This year of AC curriculum teaches about angels, the function of the church, and the truth about the end times.

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High-Quality and Rigorously Tested Products

Accessories are an essential part of any midweek program. All our books and program accessories are sourced from high-quality materials designed to last years, not weeks.

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Customizable program designed to be run with any church budget or size.

Each church is unique, that's why our team is here to develop a tailor-made strategy for running Adventure Club in your church. We'll provide recommendations and suggestions based on your specific situation.

  • "One of the biggest differences between Awana and Adventure Club is that there's not such an emphasis on just memorizing scripture without knowing the meaning behind what you're learning."

    Roger & Nikki, Leaders

  • "I can see that there is a big amount of fun and craziness, and at the same time, theology at the level that my 6-year-old can understand it. It's really made a big difference in our home."

    Maurice & Jessica, Parents

  • "My favorite thing about Adventure Club is lesson time because I get to learn new things about God and worship Him!"

    Lizzie, Scouts (Ages 6-8)

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"Your children need this to have a firm doctrinal foundation for life and service."

"The Adventure Club curriculum is specifically designed to provide children with essential doctrine and biblical truth in a transformative way that is directly applicable to their salvation and sanctification. I have not seen any other children’s resource that even comes close to the quality of doctrinal content and didactic excellence as does the Adventure Club material."

- John MacArthur, Pastor-Teacher of Grace Community Church

Our Full Doctrinal Statement
  • "Parents have appreciated that their kids are learning about the depths of who God is, not just little parts of biblical stories of who God is. They're learning the depths of God's character and attributes and the love for His Church."

    Shane Dilisi, Lead Pastor

  • "Prior to Adventure Club we were using Awana, which we had done for 20 years. We realized that the fruit it was producing was not what was needed with our children, so we switched over to Adventure Club primarily for the doctrinal truths and the ease of implementing it with the church family."

    Brady West, Family Life Pastor

  • "We switched curriculum from Awana to Adventure Club because of the depth of clarity that we get for our teachers, for the reliability and the long term sustainability of the doctrinal and theological teaching that we know that we are going to get from Adventure Club."

    David Corrente, Pastor

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Over 250+ churches across the globe use Adventure Club.

Join a rapidly growing family of churches that are dedicated to teaching sound theology in their children's program.

Support videos for each Adventure Club lesson.

We have carefully produced instructional videos for each lesson to guide you during your lesson preparation. All videos are available for free on the Grace Media App.

Teaching Tips: A comprehensive overview of each lesson including illustration demonstrations.

Moments of Truth: Fun videos designed to get kids excited about their next lesson and highlights the central truth of each lesson.

Video Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Adventure Club different from other programs?

AC focuses on the understanding of the Bible for the children, not just the amount of memorization. By using systematic theology the teachers and children have a more in-depth learning experience as they go through the three years of curriculum.

How does it compare to other midweek programs?

AC prioritizes the understanding of the verses as well as memorization. This way a child leaves Adventure Club with the Word memorized and an understanding of what it means.

How hard is it to switch to Adventure Club?

It's easy to switch to Adventure Club because the curriculum provides a structure for teachers to follow and adapt to their current midweek program as they switch. Our customer service team is available to help you in the process of switching to AC and are trained to help guide you in your unique circumstances.

Why does Adventure Club only have thirty-six lessons per year?

Adventure Club is designed as a midweek program to be used in conjunction with a typical school year with a summer break.

What does "teaching teachers how to teach" mean?

Many other programs give scripts for the teachers, but AC does not. We prioritize creating a curriculum that gives the teachers resources to better their skills in the classroom. Each lesson includes commentary and a lesson preparation page that lead the teacher through deeply understanding the topic so they can teach it to the children under their care. These commentaries and step-by-step processes aid the volunteers in preparing the lessons while also helping them further their relationship with Christ which enables them to teach systematic theology to the next generation.

How cost effective is it to run Adventure Club?

Most churches have found that AC is more cost effective than other midweek programs because of the high-quality products and their durability. Additionally, we offer an annual ministry membership that provides a 25% discount on all Grace Curriculum materials.

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  • 9 Year Cycle

    Adventure Club is designed as a 3 year curriculum that cycles 3 times for a total of 9 years reinforcing theology as the children develop.

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