About Us

Core Commitment.

We will remain committed to the true meaning of Scripture as we produce resources that ensure proper application for all generations.

Faithful Curriculum.

Grace Curriculum publications are biblically uncompromising, high-quality, and affordable.

  • Helping parents and teachers accurately and effectively convey biblical truth.
  • Providing students with the redemptive story and essential doctrine of the Bible.
  • Uniting families around the Word of God.

    We currently offer two curriculum options: Generations of Grace and Adventure Club.

    Fixed Doctrine.

    We hope that the Lord’s glory would advance to the entire world as we commit to present and scatter the Scripture’s teachings, values, and practices. To that end, the goal of all resources is to glorify Christ and use it in multiple settings to strengthen, instruct, edify, and encourage the Church.

    100% Free Videos.

    In partnership with Grace Productions, we produce free practical videos that enable teachers to execute the curriculum better, ensuring we remain faithful to the clear teaching of Scripture.

    God Magnified.

    We strive to magnify the Lord properly by portraying His character, as seen in the pages of Scripture. As a result, we will better understand who the Lord is and how we should respond to Him. With various aspects of theology continually attacked, we have a constant need to uphold theological clarity.