The Importance of the Central Truth

The Importance of the Central Truth

The Need for Biblical Truth

Christians need to know biblical truth; each believer should have a deep and growing understanding of the essential doctrines of Scripture. That need is as great today as it has ever been. And the need for resources to teach those doctrines—especially to the next generation—is likewise great. 

The only source of the Truth—the essential doctrines—is the Word of God (John 17:17); it is the ultimate compass that can help the church discern truth from error. Furthermore, it is the only source of the Truth about the gospel of Jesus Christ: “But these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name” (John 20:31).

Grace Curriculum is designed to provide the resources that help teachers to learn biblical truth and to equip them to teach it to others. Our goal is that the teaching will lead students to the Truth and to saving faith in Jesus Christ and to provide guidance on how to practically live out a life of faith in a fallen world. 

What is the Central Truth?

In the Adventure Club Curriculum, the Central Truth is a short phrase that furnishes teachers and students with the main idea of each lesson. It also provides a short answer that succinctly summarizes the main truth in the memory verse(s), lesson summary, and in the lesson commentary itself.  For instance, in the lesson on the theological truth of the believer’s adoption the catechism question, “What is adoption?” leads to the answer: “Those who have faith in Jesus are made members of his family and given countless blessings.” This is the Central Truth of that lesson.

Why is the Central Truth Important?

The Central Truth provides teachers with a phrase that gives the main idea of the lesson and leaves students with an understanding of a key theological truth. The study of theology can be daunting, but the Adventure Club Curriculum has simplified it into bite sized lessons which facilitate the learning of theology for teachers and their students. The way the lessons are structured helps teachers to familiarize the students with key terms they may hear in the future, for instance in Sunday School or in sermons. The aim of each lesson is to deliver biblical truth but also to give students the building blocks to build on after they leave grade school.  

What is the Place of the Central Truth in Each Lesson?

The Central Truth—as the name indicates—is the main idea of each lesson; all the elements of the lesson serve this main idea. The memory verse and bonus verse both help to reinforce the main idea of the lesson while highlighting that this Central Truth is not just in the chosen text but in various parts of the Scriptures. The lesson commentary, the activities and even the illustrations are intended to highlight this main idea. Each part of the Adventure Club Teacher Books is intended to help teach the meaning of each Central Truth. 

Teaching the Central Truth

The Adventure Club Curriculum Teacher Books provide teachers with commentaries that help with their personal growth and understanding. This should help facilitate teaching in each lesson; these commentaries are not meant to simply be read to the students but to help the teacher grasp the meaning of the Central Truth for themselves so that they may teach it to their students. Teachers are encouraged to ask various questions, such as “How does the text support the Central Truth?” Or “Where else in Scripture do we see this to be true?” Teachers can also have younger students listen and count how many times part of the lesson references the Central Truth, this will help them learn through repetition. 

Teachers, be encouraged that God’s Word is powerful and active and able to produce change in the hearts of the young people who you are serving—and it will do the same for your heart as well! Each teacher and child who goes through Adventure Club can come away with invaluable theological training that is practical and applicable for every age. 

Grace Curriculum provides Teaching Tips videos to help visualize how to prepare a lesson and integrate the Central Truth. 


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This is very true and an encouraging article. This write up has steps that most preachers today have completed in communicating the Gospel.
In most preachings you hardly find or get no central truth from the orator.
Thanks for this great work.

Rev Norman Alido Kongmvum

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